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Having access
to healthcare is a birth right

We are a science-led healthcare company focused on researching, developing & commercialising novel therapies. Headquartered in Singapore, we have commercial operations in China, Japan, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Middle East & Africa.

Our approach

"We are passionate in our belief that all patients deserve access to the highest quality medicinal products."

Our Vision

Founded on a vision to provide the next generation of life-changing treatments for unmet needs, we focus on bringing in cutting-edge innovation and improving the quality of life of the human race and especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through bold and transformative science, Juniper Biologics is committed to creating possibilities that have the potential to become the next generation of life-changing medicines.

Our Focus

We specialise in Researching, Developing & Commercialising novel therapies, with a clear focus on Oncology, Rare/Orphan Diseases and Gene Therapy.

Our purpose is clear: to do all that we can to change the treatment landscape and address the unmet medical needs of patients as quickly as possible. We believe in bringing game-changing medicines to help treat some of the most complex and pressing illnesses of our time.

Our Values

Our patient-centric approach is supported by values which express what we believe in, represent the best of who we are, and which guide us in all we do. Our mission and values are lived by our people – a special DNA, spirit and culture that represent what make us unique.