BUilding action-oriented ESG efforts throughout our business.

Our ESG Story is built on the following pillars: Purpose, Patients, Partners, Process (Governance), Planet, and People

At the core of our business is our commitment to: 

  • Address the unmet need by providing innovative medicines to improve the quality of patients’ lives.
    Our portfolio of first in class medicines have dramatically changed lives of patients around the world. 
  • Increase access to essential and affordable medicines 
  • Affordability is the cornerstone of access. We believe that it is necessary to ensure that access strategies are sustainable for patients and healthcare systems and as such we will be focused on developing successful Health Economic Models 
  • Access will come as we identify health system barriers as well as engage and build partnerships so that patients get the medicines they need. 
  • Combine private sector innovation and accountability with a commitment to serving the public good by providing innovative medicines to people who need it the most. 
  • Minimise the impact of our operations and products on the planet  
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen and dedicating ourselves to quality, ethics and transparency